Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sadie update...

Sadie went to the pediatrician today. This tummy virus has hit her hard. She's lost 1/2 pound...which is a lot when you only weigh 10! That's 5% of her body weight! (What I wouldn't give!!!) We took her diaper off at the scale and she had filled it so, I had to dash back to the room with her (without getting poop on me!) to get a fresh diaper and get her wiped off. While I was trying to get her wipes and diaper...yup, she enjoyed the fresh air. Peed and pooped (the only difference between them was the color...) all over the table/floor...and me. She nailed my pants. Nice.

Anyway, we did straight Pedialyte for 18 hours and managed to keep her hydrated so we avoided a trip to the hospital for fluids!! YEAY! This evening we've started one ounce of Pedialyte mixed with one ounce of Isomil. Once an hour. One unhappy, hungry baby. :( She's just miserable. :(

I hope this plan has her on the road to recovery. We could both use some sleep.

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