Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend. Day Two: Thank goodness for generators!

Saturday Memorial Day weekend started off nicely. It was a brisk, sunny morning...on its way to becoming a humid, scorching afternoon. Linda made buckwheat cakes. I was in heaven. After eating my fill (for 4!), we headed back to the camper to get ready for the day. 

Alycia, Richard, Nicholas, Lois and John H. headed to Cass Railroad for the day. I had hoped we would be able to join them, but we had brought the dogs along on the trip and had no where to leave them. I had look into kenneling them at Cass Railroad, but had read the kennel is only attended on a volunteer basis and could possibly involve just leaving them in a cage and going. I was not comfortable with that and John was more interested in doing as little as possible so we decided we would do Cass Railroad on a dog-less trip. 

Hot + Humid + Infant = Not so fun. Sadie was such a trooper. She lasted as long as she could outside, but once she was down to just her diaper there wasn't anything else I could do for her. She was so miserable.  So Uncle David fired up the generator in the motor home and she snoozed and played in her travel swing (with her Aunt Barb, Aunt Linda and Great-Grandma (and Mommy for a little while...)) until the highest heat of the afternoon passed. Thank goodness for generators and sweet Uncle Davids. :)

The dogs were really, really well behaved and I was so proud of them. I'm always nervous taking them to camp, but as always, they impressed me. And as an added bonus, mine weren't the bad, noisy dogs at camp!

Dinner was fantastic. Aunt Jody grilled veggies that were phenomenal! Green, red and yellow peppers, onions and potatoes sprinkled with oregano and garlic...cooked on the grill. Fantastic. Plus, there were cold salads, pork barbecue and kielbasa. 

The Sadie adventure begins at campfire on Saturday evening. She started SCREAMING. It was a scream I have never heard before. Like she was in pain. Huge tears. My heart was breaking. Her Daddy bounced her and tried and tried. She finally burped, but still continued to cry and cry and cry.... we headed back to the camper. I felt terribly because we were hosting Lois (John's Mom) and here was an inconsolable newborn. Sadie was asleep by the time we got to the camper, but she woke up again and continued to cry. She spit up and then fell fast asleep...all night! Her first full night!!!!!! She slept about 8 hours and I was a happy, happy, happy Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We put a few things away and headed to bed (under John's camper warming gift of Star Wars linens!!) after washing our faces, brushing our teeth and going to the bathroom IN THE CAMPER! Campers ROCK!!

Sunday was bound to be an awesome, restful day.... or would it be?

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