Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Places I would live if I could and money weren't an object

(1) London. I love, love, love, love London.
(2) Seattle. I'm feeling like perhaps the Pacific Northwest is where I should be.
(3) St. Thomas. Hello?!? It's a tropical island. Do I need any other reason? Oh yeah, High Pockets!!!! But if I lived there, I'd buy my own High Pockets!
(4) Washington DC. There's no shortage of things to do and I kinda know my way around. The downside is the people and the traffic.
(5) Miami or one of the Keys. Inexplicably I am attracted to South Florida. Beach, beach, beach! And easy access to last minute cruise deals!
(6) Savannah. I think I could pull off Southern Belle quite well.
(7) Toronto. I miss it. So much to do. Accessibility.
(8) Jerusalem. I've never been anywhere else where religion and faith was virtually palpable. The downside is the possibility of getting blown up every day.
(9) Colorado somewhere. I like the snow and would like the opportunity to ski whenever possible.
(10) Coastal Oregon. There's something that seems very peaceful about the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps its the trees and the rain.
(11) Isle of Iona, Island off the western coast of Scotland. Isolated. Only accessible by ferry. Gorgeous. Quiet.

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