Friday, May 15, 2009

Mission: Accomplished!

Apparently, the Australia trip is a matter of money....ya think?! I was very subtle in breaking the vacation news to John. I sent him the link to my blog and let him read about it! Brilliant, right?!?!? I thought so! Anyway, he didn't say no, but he doesn't think Sadie will be ready to snorkel. The best solution would be to take another person along on the trip to watch Sadie while we are doing fun things like SNORKELING ON THE GREAT BARRIER REEF!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll have to see. That's a LOT of money and it'll be an expensive trip even if its just the three of us. I think Sadie will be an awesome traveler because she's an awesome baby, but....he might be right (oh my goodness, that's in print now...) she may not be ready to snorkel at 2 years and change. That makes me sad. :(

In many ways I am so excited to see her grow and discover things and take vacations, but in so many other ways I would keep her a baby forever. She's too perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, there's like many, many hundreds of days before we leave on vacation, but I AM SO GEEKED!

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