Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend. Day Three: Adventures in Diaperland.

Sunday started out uneventfully. We gathered at Alycia and Richard's camper for morning coffee (yes, even I had a cup of coffee!! Or...really, cream and sugar with a little coffee mixed in), pepperoni rolls and Barb's cherry walnut bars. Yum! Linda was making buckwheat cakes for breakfast which turned into buckwheat cakes for lunch. I'm just assuming she wasn't motivated Sunday morning which is totally fine. Like I mentioned, we had snacked hardcore.

What I really, really wanted at lunchtime was a shower. The problem was the loop we were camping was having plumbing problems. Mostly drainage issues. The waste station was two loops away and apparently there were some problems pumping it all that way. So the closest bathrooms were closed and I headed up to the showers. Now, showering at camp is never my favorite thing. With the exception of the water pressure, I hate, hate, hate camping at camp. People just have no sense of.... cleanliness. Seriously, what do your homes look like, people?!? And this time, there wasn't even water pressure. It was more like a fine mist. Forget conditioner. It was a struggle just getting the soap washed off. Regardless of its downsides, I felt somewhat clean and that really was the primary objective. 

The majority of the family went to the sand beach. Again, we had the dogs and dogs aren't allowed on the sand beach so we opted to go to the little rocky beach across the street from our campsite which is mostly used for people to tie up their boats and to fish from shore. We put Sadie into her bathing suit. Our little watermelon!! SO CUTE! We walked across the street....with the dogs. It was a little too crowded and a little too small for all of us and our dogs so we dipped Sadie's little feet in and headed back to the campsite. Sadie was so fussy and so miserable. I took her into the camper to rest, have a bottle and hopefully take a nap. Again, she was just in her diaper...why did I pack all those clothes!?!? LOL! Then the diaper explosions began. Liquid. Fantastic. Then the vomiting began. Chunky. (How can it be chunky? She's on a liquid diet!) Just ducky. It was a long, long evening/night. Her tummy was just SO upset and so....inconsolable. She went to sleep very early (in her swing and the bed in David's motor home) and slept hard. I even managed to get her from David's motor home to our camper, diaper changed, swaddled and into bed without waking her up. We didn't get to campfire, but it was okay because I was so worried about Sadie that I don't think I could have enjoyed it. I even got up to check on her during the night because she hadn't woken up. I think this was the night I hit my head on the wall while using the bathroom....still, it was worth it to not have to go to the bathhouse!!!!

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