Thursday, May 21, 2009

Going out of my mind

So much to do, so little time. In reality, there isn't that much to do and there's plenty of time to do it, but I, for some reason, am really feeling the pressure. Friday morning (that's tomorrow), I will pack up Sadie, Kaiser, Kizmet and Bogey into the Trooper and begin our journey to Bolar Mountain. It's a camping trip. How much stress could a camping trip cause? Apparently, a lot. It has to be because of Sadie. This is her first camping trip. It's not her first long trip as we've been out to John's house in Bluewell, WV twice already. The problems are: (1) I am traveling alone; (2) I also have three dogs to travel with; and (3) it won't be so easy to just run out to the Walmart to get what I forgot. Apparently, there are no Walmarts in George Washington National Forest...thank goodness. Their evil (though evidently necessary) empire's reach only extends so far...

THAT'S the stress. I'm packing up what's left to pack up, alone. John packed up and took a good bit last Sunday, but what's left is my responsibility...including everything we need for Sadie. Gulp. PRESSURE! What if I forget something? Did he tell me to pack something and in my panic, I don't know what it is???? I'm kinda freaking out. Which means, I'm not relaxed which is what a camping trip should be about. Relaxation. Maybe I will calm down once I'm on the road. Though, that's doubtful. When I'm on the road, I'll be viewing every car, truck, RV, and semi as crazy drivers out to run my family off the road. I've noticed a marked increase of idiot drivers since Sadie's arrival. NUTS, I tell you, NUTS! (And I'm pretty sure I used to be one of them...) Seriously, the speed limits aren't a suggestion, turn signals are not optional and headlights are a necessary safety tool! If only I could convince VDOT to clear the road between here and Warm Springs....

Anyway, I'm stressing. I shouldn't be. What's the worse thing that could happen? I forget the formula and the baby starves to death. Oh, shoes. That's not good. Or, I get half way there and realize I've forgotten the directions. Or my wallet so I can't get gas and am stranded on the side of the road for some serial killer to wander by and kidnap us. Yikes. Kaiser would save us, right? I'm gonna go with yes so I can sleep tonight.

So, note to self:

Everything else, I guess I can buy....but lets hope I remember more than that.

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