Monday, June 8, 2009

The visit.

Long, exhausting weekend. Definitely tied for one of the least restful weekends since Sadie arrived home on the outside.

My Nana Jane came to visit and meet her namesake Sadie Jane. It was wonderful to see her and it was even more wonderful to see her with Sadie. Utter adoration. No one will ever be able to say Sadie is unloved.

Thursday: Pick Nana up from her 8pm flight in Raleigh. Drop her off and get her settled into the hotel. Home around 11pm. Exhausted.

Friday: Up "early" given the very late bedtime. Go to the hotel. Introduce Sadie to Nana. Chat for a bit before taking Nana to her 12 Noon AA meeting. Go home and shower. Got to pick Nana up at 1pm. Meet Lois at Cafe Peroni for a nice leisurely lunch. The food was somewhat disappointing. The soup was lukewarm, the hot sandwich was toasted, but not hot. The service was poor. Very slow, given we were one of only three tables with customers. The tea and desserts were fantastic. I had a cannoli. Love, love, love it. YUMMY! Then we went to Walmart to get Nana a sweatshirt. She didn't pack long sleeves. After searching and searching, she didn't find anything she liked. Lent her one of my "hoodies." Grocery shopping for our cookout Saturday evening. Home to put away groceries. Jane and Sadie took a 20 minute nap. Then to John and Lois's for dinner. Tuna cakes, macaroni and cheese and cinnamon applesauce. Lois was sick. Jane, John and I cooked. Cinnamon cake and caramel ice cream for dessert. Yum! Took Nana back to the hotel. Late to bed again.

Saturday: Nana took some time getting ready this morning so we did too. Laundry and things to do around the house. Sweep and mop the floor and prepare for cookout guests. Trip to Walmart for new foldable table for outside (our outdoor furniture didn't accomodate 8...) and outdoor table cloths, bug candles. Trip to Food Lion for produce. Pick up Nana and home for prep. Nana made cole slaw (2 bads of prepared cole slaw, one large can crushed pineapple, 1/2 cup claw dressing. Refrigerate and top with slivered or crushed nuts of any kind.). We prepped the condiment platter, got the tables set. Welcomed Lois and John, Alycia, Richard and Nicholas. Chatted while John grilled burgers and hot dogs. Ate like piggies. Lois brought macaroni salad and Alycia brought fruit salad. Dessert was cinnamon cake. (Yes, again.) Retire to the living room to chat, watch The Blemont, and play a few rounds of Catchphrase. Everyone departs, John takes Jane to the hotel and Sadie is asleep before he returns. In bed "early." I swear I pass out before the light is off.

Sunday: Nana calls for visitors. She's having some pool time. I go to pick her up...still pool time. The water is too cold for a swim for me, but she braves it for a little bit. I now brave a sunburn. Ouch. Gets showered and dressed. Not bashful at all. Pick up some last minute things for tonight's dinner then sprint home. I hadn't planned on being gone that long and left Sadie with John. He had lots to do. OoPs. Go to Bob and Luanne's so Jane can see their improvements since her last visit. Home to prep for dinner. Jane and Sadie take a little nap. Dinner is steak, potatoes, and corn on the cob all o nthe grill. We eat like piggies. Strawberry shortcake for dessert. Delicious strawberries. I added raspberries as well. Also, I bought some chocolate shells in addition to the regular. I really do prefer the regular although the chocolate was very, very good. An early night for Nana back at the hotel. Early morning tomorrow. Home to clean up the craziness and hop into bed. Watch a little HGTV and rock Sadie to sleep. Asleep before 11pm.

Monday: Up at 4:50am to take Nana to the airport in Raleigh. Nuts. One should not rise before the sun does. It's just not normal. Anyway, pick her up. Off to the airport. Arrive at the airport to check in. Run back to the Trooper to retrieve Nana's purse. Check in. Wait for the wheelchair. See Nana off through security. Leave the airport and head home. Chicken biscuit at Bojangles. Yum! Stop in Durham at Bridgestone/Firestone for a wheel balance and alignment. No space today. Appointment for Tuesday at 1pm. Sturggle to keep my eyes open as I finish the drive home. The exhaustion is setting in. My body aches, I'm nauseous. Home. Work at 4pm. Stop for necessities on my way home. Vaguely remember when I used to grocery shop only once a week and miss it terribly. Can't wait to collapse tonight and hope Sadie is ready too.

Nice visit, but glad there's no more company. So, so tired. Still lots of projects around the house to do, but they can wait a couple of least.

Looking forward to Friday. Outer Banks for the evening/day :)

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