Monday, June 1, 2009

Case of the Mondays...

Uh. It's monday morning. This was probably one of the LEAST restful weekends we've had since Sadie came home. She's still sick, unfortunately and her waking moments are 'required' to be solely devoted to her. I get that. I want to be taken care of when I am not feeling well either. The problem was the only place she was comfortable was Mommy or Daddy's arms. Her swing, crib and pack n' play just wouldn't do. Her bouncy chair placated her for a short time, but ultimately she wanted us and nothing but. This means NOTHING got done this weekend. At least on my end of things. John got the lawn mowed and fertilized and some necessaries taken care of on the Trooper (mostly, making sure its able to tow the camper...the important stuff, you know...). John was feeling (and, frankly, looking) at bit drained so even he was moving slow.

Friday we went to Chapel Hill for a post-partum visit with my OB. It's about 5 weeks later than most post-partum visits, but it's hard to get a pp visit on a Friday AND with my OB. Everything's fine. The IUD is going in on June 12th and that should ensure for quite sometime that Sadie will be an only child. I love being a Mommy, but I cannot at thins time, imagine being a Mommy to more than one. She's perfect afterall. How do you top perfection?! :) We also visited Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. Now, I will admit, this is not my favorite restaurant and its definitely trying to go more upscale than it used to be, but let me tell will be my first choice everytime John will be willing to go there now...just for the tea. You read that right. The tea. They have new iced teas on their menu now. They dice up fresh fruit and add ice and unsweetened (or sweetened) iced tea. I got unsweetened iced tea with peaches. Fresh, sweet, delicious peaches. It was amazing. Delicious. And best of all, free refills! I had two there and our server (who rocked!) was nice enough to give me a large one to go. It was incredibly delicious. A flavor parade! Now if only they would start doing this at someplace where I actually like the food....

We also went to Babies R US and bought Sadie's umbrella stroller. They're the stick strollers that fold up easily and fit in the car trunk or on the floor unlike her Graco stroller that fits her car seat. We took easily an hour comparing them and ultimately ended up with a Chico Traveller in Seventies print. ( Our other choice was a MacClaren Triumph (,en/). This was my first choice, but I was overruled by John and the price tag (50% more expensive than the Chico Traveller). Ouch. Anyway, Sadie wheeled around in her stroller for the remainder of the afternoon and seemed to be happy with our choice. I love her big stroller (the Graco Passage SnugRide Travel System in Melbourne , but the Chico is great for a quick, light stroller.

We met with my therapist this afternoon as well. Good. Our last stop before home was a fantastically wonderful store called A Southern Season. Its like the ultimate in upscale grocery stores. Meats, hundreds of cheeses, freshly baked breads and desserts, a wall of coffee, tea and chocolate, aisles and aisles of specialty foods catagorized by country and type. Tons of fresh flowers, aisles of small appliances, cutting boards and knives. The entire line of Vera Bradley. Aisles and aisles of wines and beers. Dishes and glasses and baking everythings. I love, love, love that store. Bonus: everything was on sale. YEAY! We got John a new coffee grinder (because I used his to grind nuts because my food processor POS) and some other little things. I bought some brandy butter for scones. I love shopping there. I could spend lots and lots.

The resto f the weekend, as I noted, was devoted to Sadie. She had a backslide on Saturday and was uncomfortable the rest of the weekend. I'm exhausted, John's exhausted and I could seriously use a nap....and a decent meal.

I'm on my way to picj Sadie up from Grandma's house shortly and I am hoping she's in an easier mood. We need to cook for Bogey today so we'll be in the kitchen. She does so enjoy cooking with least, I hope she does. :)

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