Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Seriously trying to behave...

...I have the most overwhelming urge for a snuggle right now. I want to go over to Sadie's crib and pick her up and snuggle her into bed with me. I really, really, really, really wish we had a co-sleeper or a bassinet. That way she'd be right next to the bed instead of across the room in her crib! (John said no!)

What a far cry from before she was born and I thought she needed her own room right away (mostly I think I was afraid of feeling closed in...) I don't even want her across the room! My Snuggle Love Bug!



  1. ugh... i know exactly what you mean! Zac trying to get me to move Caden to his room from his bassinet and I DO NOT WANT TO :( lol... i love having him next to me (in his bassinet).

  2. I'm SO JEALOUS Cassidy! I tried so hard to talk John into just a bassinet...not even a co-sleeper, but he said no. :( He thinks she needs to be in her bed...but its so far away! (LOL!)