Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Top ten things I would do if I hit the lotto BIG!

(1) Book a fabulous vacation for me, John, Sadie and our family and close friends. I love you guys. :) I'm thinking somewhere tropical and then at least a week at Disney World. :) My treat. :)
(2) Pay off parents/siblings debts.
(3) Pay off our debts! LOL!
(4) Buy the land next door and build a mega garage for John with a studio above it for his photography and framing.
(5) Buy John the car of his choice...whatever he wants. Really. Anything he wants.
(6) Have the backyard graded, landscaped and build Sadie the ultimate swing set/playhouse.
(7) Finish the trim colors on the house (if we can finally decide on one) and landscape. Hydrangeas galore.
(8) Can you say, SERIOUS KITCHEN?!? Hire Vern Yip (because I love him!!!) to design it. A La Cornue range, double ovens, huge apron sink, vault the ceiling, knock out the wall to the breakfast room (aka: clutter central) for an eat-in kitchen. Replace the doors to the outside. Island with a vegetable sink. Wine cooler (AKA soda cooler!). The works. :) Vern will make it amazing.
(9) Buy a vacation house. St Thomas or St. Maarten. Or a private island in the Bahamas.
(10) Buy John the boat of his dreams....as long as it has an underneath and is sea worthy.
And, of course, (11) invest wisely so I can buy oodles of land and open a no-kill animal shelter. :)

What would you do?


  1. (1) Pay off our house.
    (2) Buy a house for each of the boys
    (3) Pay for college of choice for both boys
    (4) Pay off Shelly's Folks' debt
    (5) Tear down the house up north and build one SWEET ASS log cabin...ranch style.
    (7) By the two lots adjacent to the property up north, and spend some bucks on turning it all into a kickass campground
    (8) Buy all new vehicles for us and the boys
    (9) Take family and friends on a vacation...probably a cruise.
    (10) Buy a vacation house in St. Thomas

  2. Love your ten, Dave! You'll have to invite us to your St. Thomas vacation home...I can already feel the sand in my toes! :)