Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mama Kat's Writing Prompt 6.25.2011: A Country you would like to Visit--FRANCE

4) A country you would like to visit: FRANCE

France brings to mind so many things for me. The Eiffel Tower. Love. Art. But let's be honest, what it really makes me think of are open air markets. Of fresh baguettes. Of delicious vintage wines. Roadside cafes. Fresh produce. Fields of lavender. For me, this is France. The Louvre? Lovely. The Mona Lisa? A must see. But the true France is in it's taste, in its smell and in its soil. France is more than monuments and galleries and haute couture. To love France is to feel it coarse through your veins and let it wash over you encompassing you mind, body and soul.

This brings me to my most secret of secrets. Can you keep a secret? It's my biggest dream of any dream I've dreamed.... I want to sell nearly (I mean there are some things you just can't part with) everything I own, pack up my family and pets and move to a quaint stone house in a field in Provence. Oh my gosh, I can't believe I told you! It's my "crazy dream" because it will probably never happen, but in my mind its beautiful.

My quaint stone cottage sits near a beautiful lavender field. There is enough yard for Sadie and the dogs to be happy romping. In the mornings, Sadie and I will enjoy our breakfast (weather permitting) on our patio in the gorgeous Provencal sunshine. After washing up, we will ride our bikes into town to the open air market where we can buy our fresh produce, fresh breads, beautifully baked goodies, fresh flowers for our table and stock up on our wine selections. We can chat with our neighbors and enjoy small town French life. With our baskets full we ride home and prep for lunch and dinner before maybe taking a nap or doing some reading. Our afternoons are filled with enjoying the outside air, playing ball with the dogs, taking long walks through the seemingly endless fields of lavender or perhaps joining the neighbors on a mushroom hunt. Regardless of what the day entails, in my mind, it is all quaint and perfect and beautiful and utterly mine.

My Provencal life is calling to me. Perhaps I should get ready for quite a yard sale?

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  1. This dream sounds absolutely lovely :)

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