Monday, August 17, 2009

I really am the worst kind of snob...

...Since Friday, I have been here. I have concluded, I don't belong here. I imagine, however, this is largely the mantra of everyone here. Who wants to be here? Away from their families. Away from friends. Secluded. Sequestered from the outside world. Some are sicker than others. I am the least sick of all. Maybe. I'm sure everyone else feels that way too. This is a world where everyone is sick and no one is sick. How funny. The idea of recuperation is somewhat of a joke. All of us here in limbo. Not sick, but not well. No privacy. A shell and shadow of life before.

What will I take away from this? A small distrust of doctors. Sad, but true. I put myself wholly into someone else's hands and this is what I've come away with. Three days in bed and no discernible 'recovery.' I never do that and perhaps this is why. Closeness does not come easily. Perhaps this is why. I can do it on my own and this is why.

They serve pudding with lunch and have a drawer with an endless supply of graham crackers. Maybe its not so bad after all.

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  1. Another lesson to be learned: If you have a choice, don't check yourself in to a hospital on a Friday during prime golfing season. You're likely to lay in your hospital bed all weekend wondering, "Where in the hell is my doctor?!" ;) :)