Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Surprising fun facts about me!

I can't sleep so allow me to share with you some things you might not know about me. Yes, oh yes, I am anal. (Though, that part you probably knew already.)

(1) My pasta noodles have to boil for exactly 10 minutes. No more, no less.

(2) My hot chocolate must be made with one packet of Swiss Miss hot chocolate with marshmallows (Yes, it has to be Swiss Miss with marshmallows and not some other cocoa) and exactly one cup (with a measuring cup!) of boiling hot water followed by a 'sploosh' of creamer. (A sploosh is an amount somewhere between a splash and a dollop...)

(3) I love oranges, but hate anything orange flavored...especially orange pop and orange Starburst.

(4) I cannot understand people who can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with both the peanut butter and the jelly on the same piece of bread and then place the dry piece of bread on top of them. You put peanut butter on one piece and jelly on the other piece and then put them together.

(5) I like instant oatmeal, but not regular oatmeal. It's the sugar.

(6) I passionately hate Skittles.

(7) I am allergic to apple juice, but not apples.

(8) I will not touch a public door handle or railing. I use my sleeve to cover my hand. This becomes problematic in the summer.

(9) I sometimes talk at the movies. But it's quiet!

(10) I did a study abroad in South America 11 years ago and speak virtually no Spanish now.

(11) I used to be a cross country runner and am now fat and lazy.

(12) My grooming routines are set in stone. If I don't complete them in the correct order, everything is off all day. Shower: Start the shower to warm up, get my toothbrush and get in the shower (yes, I brush my teeth in the shower), shampoo, body wash, face wash. Nightime: brush my teeth, floss, brush my teeth, mouthwash, wash my face, wash my face. (Yes, I realize I do both of these things twice.)

(13) Very often things are black and white and almost never allow for grey. (I'm working on it.)

(14) I hate peas, brussel sprouts, lima beans, bean sprouts and cooked carrots. Also, I feel guilty for eating meat.

And last but not least....

(15) I have many secret boyfriends. Among them are Colin Firth, Noah Wylie, Nathan Fillion (swoon!), and Stephen Colbert.

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